Rear Projection

In today’s highly competitive retail environment businesses are always looking for new ways to attract the consumer’s attention, supply them with product or service information and inform them of special offers and promotions allowing Rear Projection to lead the way.

Recent improvements in projection technology mean that this is now not only achievable but also affordable. In the past projected images have suffered badly from even relatively low ambient light conditions, this is no longer the case, with modern digital projectors producing 4000 ansi lumens and up.

This is still further enhanced by screen technology the boosts natural luminance. This means that both front and especially rear projected screens can now compete with full sun light.
One industry that has embraced rear projection technology is the high-street estate agent.

The possibilities are endless; imagine a clothing store where you can order goods at midnight that have seen during the day, travel agents where holiday resorts can be viewed and prices accessed any time. These are only some of the possible benefits delivered by these emerging technologies; corporate image is boosted as in the stores profile in the high street, advertising space can be sold sometimes eliminating the cost of the system and most of all; your store is now effectively trading non-stop.

Digital office systems have extensive experience with these systems, allowing us to fully understand your requirements.

Without doubt Digital Office Systems Supply the brightest and most uniform image available with our unique German screens.

This system is based on Placing a screen into your window space and then we project using a high power DLP projector onto the rear of the screen, this produces a crystal clear ultra-bright image on the front or window side of the screen. The main benefits of this system is image size. This ranges smallest 40″ all the way up to 120″ images so this really fills the gap over and above the largest LCD System.