Illuminated Fascia Board Lettering Variations

3D Metal Lettering, Built Up Stand-Off Lettering

When it comes to using metal for retail signage, it is usually used for larger signs as a covered surface in which the lettering is applied to. It can also be used for plaques and fascias as an uncovered surface where the sign or company logo is etched into. Stand-off lettering or 3D lettering is also commonly used to display the shop name or logo.

Acrylic 3D Lettering, Built Up Stand-Off Lettering

Our plastics are used as either a sign surface or as the sign itself in the form of acrylic lettering.

Using plastic as a fascia surface is usually chosen as an alternative if glass is too heavy or a safety issue. Plastic is also commonly used for illuminated signs for night lighting. Typical plastics used are: Foam, Perspex and Corex.

Acrylic lettering is a fantastic method of signage and is available in a wide range of colours and finishes. It also comes in translucent colours which is great for creating lighting effects. Acrylic lettering is superb for displaying a modern, clean feel and for providing a dash of colour and bringing your sign to life. It’s even possible to use shiny metal-effect Perspex to simulate a range of popular metals.

Because of the advantages of lower costs and maintenance compared to metal, acrylic lettering is used in all kinds of indoor and outdoor applications such as shop fascias.