Illuminated Fascia Board Lighting Options

With forms of lighting forever evolving, it is important to understand the what forms are available, and how they can help illuminate your office fascia sign. LED illumination is proving to be the most popular of late, proving to be very visibly striking and also cost effective, in the sense that fluorescent lights last up to 10,000 hours, where as LEDs can last up to a staggering 60,000 hours. This can provide substantial savings as a result of fewer replacements needing to be bought.

Sign illumination comes in many forms, here are some examples of the various types that Digital Office Systems can offer:

Internally illuminated box signs

These are internally illuminated boxes with a translucent plastic face on which there is lettering or graphic designs.

Spotlights and swan neck lamps

Spotlights produce a white light and due to their small size can be discretely mounted onto architectural features, on top of ledges, on the end of slim projecting rods or concealed within the cornice of a shopfront. Two or three spotlights are usually adequate for most fascia signs, their use should be limited to illuminating just the name of the shop.

Flood Lights

All flood lighting supplied us are sealed units available in a variety of wattage and colour options. Flood lighting is an effective way of showing off architectural features of your building and premises.


Available in a large range of designs, colours, finishes and internal lighting options, lanterns offer a traditional lighting solution but with modern manufacturing techniques with minimum maintenance costs.

Trough Lights

Trough lighting is a very common and effective lighting solution for shop fascias, offering maximum illumination over longer wall spans. Trough lighting can be colour matched to customer specifications if required.


Crafted by hand, neon illumination can be manufactured to nearly any customer requirement inclusive of colour, font and size. Neon illumination is a very traditional sign solution dating backing to the 1920’s, but is still a vibrant and modern solution for today’s competitive brand awareness market.


A fully energy efficient and very cost effective illumination solution. LED lighting is a particularly good illumination choice were accessibility is an issue and long life and minimum maintenance costs are a necessity. All LED illuminations are fully waterproof and are fully compliant with EU health and safety requirements and regulations.

Fluorescent tube lights

Concealed fluorescent tube lighting that is fitted in a projecting cowl directed towards the sign produces a flat wash of light, often across the length of the fascia. They can often result in too much light especially where the fascia is a pale colour, or can create an unwanted reflection on dark fasciae. Slender designed cowls are preferred and they should be angled to ensure that the tube if not seen from pedestrian level.Tube lights can sometimes be incorporated into the design of new shopfronts
if the cornice is designed with a purpose built recess.

Backlit lettering

This technique is a more acceptable version of internally illuminated box signage. In this technique translucent plastic letters or graphics are inset into an opaque background which is illuminated from behind. This technique ensures that only the lettering is illuminated and not the entire sign box. The light box must be recessed behind the fascia. The lettering ideally should be flush with, or project very slightly from the background panel and the panel should be finished to look as little like plastic as possible, matt finishes are often appropriate.

Halo lettering

These consist of individual letters which stand proud of the surface which they are mounted and are lit from behind to produce a halo effect. Whilst they can be affixed to a traditional shopfront fascia they are particularly useful for premises that do not have a shopfront as they can be wall mounted.