A4 LED Light Pockets

302mm Wide x 392mm High in Portrait
392mm Wide x 302mm High in Landscape
Your Logo

  • Ultra bright display system to draw attention and more people to your window.
  • The LED Light pocket uses latest technology to create glowing property displays.
  • Ultra slim, floating effect light pockets.
  • Light pockets are suspended from almost invisible cables
  • Maintenance Free with lamp life of up to 10 years without turning off
  • LED Light Pockets are highly energy efficient and use very low levels of electricity.
  • Statistics shows the LED light pocket system can increase total sales by up to 106%.
  • Lighting source: LED lamps.
  • LED lifetime: continuous use for 6-10 yeari
  • Item material: High quality acrylic panels.
  • Power input: AC 100-240V / 12V 3W, comes with 3-pin UK plug, can be wired to fuse spur.
Standard Bezel Colours

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Other Colours By request.