Illuminated Fascia Boards

Your external fascia can also disappear into darkness or if you have poor illumination, this will stand out like a ‘sore thumb’. Your fascia can be lit in a number of different ways.

Rear Illumination

These are sleek and stylish, formed from a single sheet of pressure pressed aluminium which is then colour sprayed and baked in an oven. Letters and logos are then cut into the aluminium to allow lighting to be used which is set in the back of the sign tray. Lighting from the rear also enables various lighting colours to be achieved by coloured gels and acrylics.

Fret Cut Fascias

This is a cost effective sign making solution which literally stands out! They can be mounted on your external building fascia or on internal walls and structures. We can produce flat cut letters and shapes from a wide range of sheet materials. Acrylic is then normally used to cover over the cut holes of the text or logo which can be coloured or have vinyl applied to it. Usually fret-cut sign trays have internal illumination and when lit, the fitted acrylic will be opaque to let the light shine through.

Stand Off Lettering

You can make your brand or message literally stand-out from the competition with flat cut, moulded or built-up letters and logos. Used outside or inside, on their own or with other sign products, individually cut lettering will create unique eye-catching signs. Usually made in aluminium or acrylic and built up with returns so the letters look ‘chunky or 3D’. Letters can also be flatcut, both ways are installed with locators so the letters stand proud of the wall.

Halo Effect

Using fret cut panels a ‘halo’ effect can be produced by using raised inlaid acrylic letters or logo and then covering the face with a non-illuminating material such as stainless steel or block-out vinyl. This forces the light out around the sides of the lettering or logo and gives that desired ‘halo’ effect. It can be a more cost effective solution than using built up letters mounted onto a flat panel.