Backlit Wall Maps

Backlit Wall MapsA backlit wall map uses LED lighting to create a soft glow of light to wash the wall behind the wall map, highlighting it as a focal point within the room.

The gap between the wall and the back of the wall map allows enough space to conceal the wiring and also gives enough distance for the spread of light to create a soft glow rather than pin point light from each individual bulb. We use LED strip lighting that can be cut to size and wired around the perimeter of the backlit wall map. This is usually powered by a single transformer and a three pin plug for ease of use.

Our product is custom made to suit a clients requirements. It allows additional items to be added to create an individual solution, the lighting system being just one example. With advances in LED technology there is a wide range of colours and lighting styles available, meaning we can easily add to wall mapl should a custom sized backlit wall map be an attractive proposition.